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Vendor Managed Inventory

Safety Decals keeps your critical decals on inventory in Michigan. VMI programs exist for production and parts sales decals. Emergency orders can be shipped to you or directly to a customer if necessary. Safety Decals is only blocks from UPS. We will help you reduce inventory costs.


Expedited Program

There are always emergency order situations. Safety Decals has dedicated equipment and personnel who focus exclusively on expedited or emergency orders. We communicate directly with your personnel throughout the process to point of delivery.


Delivery Cutoff

UPS ships between 7 and 7:30 PM EST from Michigan. We can accept orders as late as 5:00 PM EST where artwork already exists and will ensure these decals are shipped the same day.


Targeted Savings

Safety Decals works with our customers across a product or commodity category to drive targeted savings across a group of
like-products. A recent example is a consolidated quote for operations manuals with an equipment manufacturer. These crucial manuals are often an overlooked item in the BOM for this company. Each manual was inconsistently priced, produced in different formats, and produced by various vendors with inconsistent quality, hence priced dramatically different to the end-user. Safety Decals developed a comprehensive pricing initiative to drive down overall cost per page and standardize the per-page price for our customers (who will in turn bill end users in a similar fashion). We structured training and quality initiatives to ensure all manuals were produced consistently with a similar look and feel. The customer’s overall cost across this part category resulted in 15% savings ($36,000 annually), and warranty issues decreased ten-fold. Freight was essentially reduced to nil (as we ship daily to this customer). The reduced administrative burden was a bonus.

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