Safety Decals has partnered with and maintained a close relationship with Orafol Americas. As we give our best to our clients, customers, and friends, we expect the best from our suppliers as well. With Orafol we are assured of quality adhesives and printing materials, so we can assure you that every product or part that leaves our print shop will stay where it's applied and will withstand the everyday wear and tear that you put it through.

200 Years Of Excellence, Quality, And Innovation

ORAFOL Americas, drawing on more than 200 years of manufacturing experience and a sustained record of product innovation, enjoys a loyal and rapidly growing following of reflective, adhesive tape and graphic professionals dependent on ORAFOL products that look great, perform well and stand the test of time.

ORAFOL Americas Inc. is a subsidiary of ORAFOL Europe GmbH a recognized global manufacturer of premium vinyl graphic products, reflective solutions and adhesive tape systems used in the signage, graphics, industrial, traffic and safety applications

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Product Information From ORAFOL

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ORAFOL Graphic Innovations

ORAFOL Product And Film Construction

Commonly Used From ORAFOL

Orajet 3651

Oraguard 210

Reflective Solutions

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V82 DOT-C2 Conspicuity Sheeting

ORALITE Truck And Trailer Conspicuity Tape



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HP Latex Ink




Reflective Solutions 

From research, product development, testing, manufacturing and logistics, ORAFOL ensures that we exceed customer expectations for the most advanced, highest quality reflective products that are delivered when they are needed.
All ORAFOL products are manufactured to meet or exceed applicable performance and safety standards around the world. ORAFOL products are sold to more than 100 countries on all continents and the company is an internationally renowned and trusted partner to customers worldwide.

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