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Dedication To Quality And Service Since 1947

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SafetyDecals.com, a division of Tye’s Incorporated, is the third generation of sign companies in the Tykoski family and was created in 2009 by Nicholas Tykoski, owner and CEO of Tye’s Incorporated. All current manufacturing is done in one facility at 5236 W. First Street in Ludington, Michigan.

In 1948, Nicholas’ grandfather, Marion “Tye” Tykoski, began the family tradition of sign making by starting his own company, Tye’s Neon Sales and Service. After returning home from service in the US Army, Marion attended the Chicago Institute of the Arts, learning the art of creating signs. In June 1947, Marion purchased a 1934 Crane Ford Pickup truck to start his new endeavor.

Tye’s quickly flourished and built a strong customer base that centered on quality and service. When his son David took over, he furthered the family’s sign making capabilities, growing the business regionally with the advancement of technology and a strong dedication to hard work; implementing his father’s core values of quality and service. David expanded into the decal business in 1984 when he purchased one of the first sign computers available, an Apple IIe. David went on to create his own entity “Tye’s Signs Incorporated” which continued to grow in the sign and decal industry.

David's son, Nicholas Tykoski, at the age of five started learning the sign business. Nicholas attended Michigan State University, returning home to work at the family sign business. In 2009 Nicholas successfully moved Tye’s Incorporated into a global manufacturer with the acquisition of SafetyDecals.com. SafetyDecals.com has built a worldwide reputation based on quality and service; core principals of the Tykoski family since 1948. This is the bases for Safetydecals.com 400 percent growth over the past five years.

SafetyDecals.com now supplies companies throughout the United States as well as an international customer presence. Constantly growing with new technology, SafetyDecals.com in now one of the largest decal manufactures in the world, producing millions of decals annually.